How to clean the gutter safely

If you live in a single-family house and therefore the maintenance is up to you alone, among the various works you have to take care of, there is also that of cleaning the gutter. This intervention becomes fundamental when rain and wind fill it with leaves, which must be eliminated to ensure the correct flow of water and prevent it from flowing on the wall and impregnating it with humidity. If you do not want to resort to the services of a professional, here are some small tips to clean the gutter safely.

Before starting

To clean the gutter, working at height, it is necessary to take the necessary precautions. The zinc eaves offer sufficient strength for a ladder to be leaning against. But be careful not to do it with PVC eaves, which risk breaking. When working on the ladder it is preferable to do it in the presence of someone else, because the danger of slipping or falling is always present.

To clean the gutter do not lean on it, it would not support the weight. To prevent clogging, it will be appropriate in the future to install a leaf guard at the mouth of the downspout.

While you’re busy cleaning the gutter, take the opportunity to inspect the roof. In fact, it is enough to move a tile to cause a wrong flow of rainwater.

Materials needed

  • shears
  • broom
  • transplanter curved shape
  • filter grating
  • rag
  • gloves
  • ladder

How do you proceed?

Start cleaning the roof in the area closest to the eaves. Since the gutter needs to be cleaned thoroughly, every time it becomes filled with leaves or pine needles, take the opportunity to remove everything that could clog it, also cutting off the branches of climbing plants that can reach it.

With the shears cut all the climbing vegetation that grows near the eaves. Beware of any system wires that could pass through this area. If there is a large tree near the roof, clean the shingles near the eaves as they risk getting clogged.

With a brush or a metal rake, go inside the eaves, letting out the debris present. Use a curved shape transplanter to remove foliage; alternatively, picking up with your hands, wearing work gloves. Downspouts get clogged very easily and must therefore be protected. To stop the leaves, so as not to obstruct the duct, at the entrance to put a grid filter set at the interlocking.

Some tips for cleaning the gutter

To clean the inside of the downspout you can use a broom handle, with a rag wrapped around the end, so as to eliminate all obstructions.

The last thing to do is climb to the top and pour a bucket of hot water once again to remove all residue.

Cleaning the gutter is an operation that may need to be performed more frequently, especially in autumn, to prevent leaves and other debris from occluding the downspout again.

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