Lotus Notes Domino and Web: Application Development – Tips for Programmers

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Beginning with Domino Model R4 it has integration While using the Website, as well as the server itself gets to be a HTTP-server. The following releases of Domino World-wide-web-server insert new performance (for example servlet administrators, supported JVM versions enhance, and so on). To give you general image and abstracting from information we’ll speak about two major Domino Internet-server features:

1. Domino World wide web-server is the complete-featured HTTP-server. Put simply, it can offer static (or conditionally static) files as the reply to HTTP-browser’s requests (which includes HTML, picture, JavaScript, applets, and so forth);

2. Through the browser’s requests to Domino dynamic means by certain URL, the server can build in passing HTML-webpages, earning the Domino object visible.

For sure, it is reasonably simplified model (we stated that, by way of example, Domino Net-server supports servlet technology), but this product lets to discuss the major difficulties in generation of Web-apps dependant on Lotus Domino technological know-how. Following the most important difficulties are:

o in Domino-based mostly Net-applications generation developer Perang Dadu is strongly restricted to use built-in application languages’ prospects. Consequently, from 380 inbuilt @-commands of @-formulas language nearly 40 are supported in World wide web. LotusScript is supported only in a few kinds of Website-agents, and many others;

o software security complications. The common authentication, authorization, coding, electronic signatures, etc. mechanisms are simplified in Website or don’t operate. So SSL + x.509, and so forth. certificates are for use in these kinds of instances;

o programs performance. HTML-pages technology in passing undoubtedly will take the server resources, so if the application is inadequately built, it could trigger the server failure. By way of example, if the initial website page of the internet site is produced by an agent, then concurrent request from instead big amount of end users might lead to the assistance failure scenario. Builders are to take treatment themselves for loading balance Placing into different sections usually modified and even more static info;

o result of HTML-web pages technology in passing from Domino sources is not really anytime evident. Usually this kind of technique troubles overall look in produced site «extra» by developer standpoint tags (for ex., , , , etc). For a consequence, most developers placed on Domino only These capabilities that may not put into practice themselves. If appear through the codes of comprehensive-blown Web-internet sites, developed on Domino know-how, then, such as, in Domino types we see only fields, all extern style and design is predicated on DHTML.

It is far from so negative. There are plenty of web sites, supporting significant number of users, accessing Domino details. Domino technological innovation from launch to launch gives new prospects for Web-design (for ex. JSP custom tag library, inbuilt HTML-editor, and many others). The author himself employed Domino to build portals with requests with in excess of 2000 readers per a day. Summarizing the individual and my colleagues experience in Domino Net-layout subject, I can endorse the next:

o Prior to creation of Website-challenge on Domino it is necessary To judge The complete Domino infrastructure in body of concrete Corporation. If your Domino infrastructure at this firm is on opening or Original phase, than Internet-design determined by Domino is hardly appropriated. The fact that Domino Designer could be the setting for immediate application advancement (RAD), including Net- purposes, cannot be The key reason why to make World wide web-assignments on Domino;

o as far as is possible permitting to Domino transfer in passing only objects, which may not be or hardly executed through the use of other World-wide-web-systems (so-known as HTML-design should be to be made by programmers). The creator thinks that, if a web page demands to operate with Domino information, then to check out them it is necessary to avoid the use of normal URL dealing with Domino objects. In cases like this exchange of data among web-site and Domino can be carried out through the use of any integration systems supported by Domino (ex., XML, CORBA, JDBC, etcetera). To put it differently, Domino will Participate in a job of knowledge storage as well as their viewing should be to be done by other mechanisms. Implicitly, The problem is confirmed by IBM. In R6 Domino Will not allow for URL open element may be assigned to databases , And so the utilization of normal URL Domino is safeguarded in World wide web-programs;

o awareness should be compensated to Website-application security. Even Whenever your web-site won’t enable non-approved entry to details by way of Internet, it is possible to anticipate hackers around hard your World wide web-site protection;

o just the examined by loading systems are to Employed in World wide web-programs;

o lessen as much as feasible the site visitors Website-server browser. In Net-style and design The difficulty would be to be deemed that Internet channels are frequently narrower than community channels Domino Lotus.